Amy Applebaum Albums

"This is truly amazing I feel so relaxed confident and in charge of my own body thank you for this amazing piece of work." more


"Shared my afternoon with a colleague… I shared with her my 30 second commercial… she began to cry…. and said, "Where, when and how much? I have been waiting for a program like this all my life." more


"I''M SO GRATEFUL FOR HER TALENT & EXPERTISE!! I'm extremely picky about voice when I listen to a download. That's why I was so pleased to discover the voice of Amy Applebaum." more

Kay Wagner, Yoga/Meditation Instructor

"I have a number of annoying family members that trigger anger and resentment – this download helps me center. When I have a family event coming up, I put this on repeat all night." more


"Her voice is so calming and I couldn't tell you what all she says because I fall asleep so fast :) Great sleep and relaxation benefits." more